A Drop into the FIT Museum

Today I arrived an hour early for a meeting in Chelsea (first time for everything), so I decided to fill my spare time by taking a walk through the FIT Museum for Fashion.  I’ve included some of the fabulous pieces that were on display in each of the exhibits…

Issey Miyake Red Plastic Bustier

This thing is amazing.  I want one in every color of the rainbow.  Part of the Japanese Exhibit, this piece has an almost cartoonish, superhero feel to it.  Like I might actually morph into Wonder Woman herself if I were to put it on.  The piece was made in 1983 and truly invokes the fit-body ideal that the decade introduced.  Eric Prydz Call on Me video anyone?

Noritaka Tetehana Platform Boot

This isn’t the exact piece that is on display, but it is quite similar in nature.  I just want to try to walk in one of these bad boys!  I’m thinking something similar needs to make its way into my wardrobe this year… maybe the Alexander McQueen team will fulfill my need for teetering in a heel-less, sky-high bootie- Pretty Please?

Moschino Brassiere Evening Dress 1988

This was from the His and Hers Exhibit, and is a stand out as the best piece in the collection.  The ultimate LBD: a dress with its skirt made completely of dangling brassieres: Genius!  I think I may have to re-create this in the near future, but I will likely use 20 of my old La Perla bras I no longer wear in a multitude of different colors– wouldn’t that be amazing?  It will be like a carnival of c-cups…  I can’t wait!  To be continued…



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