Bag Be-Mine

While I was without a real Valentine this year (we have all had that go-to ex we can’t help ourselves with), I wouldn’t leave February without having something to love.  Just two days left in my deadline, I ran across this FAB-U-LOUS handbag at a street fair.  I must admit, while I can spot a fine piece of Italian Fashion from a mile away, I wasn’t familiar with this bag.  Throwing caution and a few dead presidents to the wind, I swiped this piece of art and ran home to google its quality.  Turns out, its extremely rare and has sold on auctions for several thousand dollars!  I can’t wait to pair it with riding boots and a ruffled D&G blouse for an Equestrian look perfect for Fall.  In the meantime, I’m going to put it to work alongside soft layers of Dior ruffles and cowboy boots- Yee-haw!

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