Charlie Sheen and John Galliano; Tempers and Fashions FLARE

Drunken mishaps have gotten the best of the likes of Charlie Sheen and John Galliano, lately. While flaring in temper is never in fashion (especially when as disgustingly executed as by these two), flaring of our pants is all the RAGE this spring… Hello 1970’s disco diva-ing, we’ve missed you. As you re-indulge, keep these pointers in mind:

Length is of paramount importance to getting this style right in 2011. These pants will appear truncated if they do not skim the floor. Choose your footwear according to how much extra length the pant has allowed at its hem. These pants will look just as groovy with a flat, strappy sandal as with a towering platform.

Alessandra Ambrosio in a flared, floor-skimming jean as photographed by

A Word on Waist
Do not make me pull your pants up. Or watch you pick your wedgie, please. Rather than trying to eye your own ass, try closing your eyes and asking yourself, “how does this feel?” Chances are, if it is uncomfortable it is either riding high, or riding low. If you are a true petite (meaning your legs and body are on the shorter side) you will want to shop a line that carries petite sizes. This will help you avoid getting, what I call, “long ass.”

Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare Jean

Don’t Press Print

In order to look modern and not out-dated, stay away from flares with print. Change things up by choosing linen or a textured fabric instead. Large, flowered print is simply too far-out.

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