Tie Me Up, Please

Nothing gets a man going more than a subtle, lace-up detail. And not that fashion is measured by what men think about it, but well… it is more fun when you’re wearing something that even a man can’t help but notice and/or comment upon.

It’s the ultimate tease: whether it be a boot, a neckline, or down the back of your pants, a lace-up detail says, “I’m dressed, but I’m just a pull away from being disrobed.” Sneaky, sneaky scandal. Here are a few of my favorite lace-up items for Spring. Go on, ladies. Be the wrapped package beneath these ribbons, laces, and strings.


First, lets just talk about the obvious: this fucking boot will find its way into my closet, if I have to promise my future first-born for it. The Pucci Spring 2011 Runway was all-wraps from loosely laced plunging necklines to these epic boots tightly wrapped all the way up to the heavens. I haven’t wanted a boot so bad since Tommy Hilfiger gave us that fabulous duck boot last Fall. (Which is mine oh mine, by the way. I had them reserved in four different names.)

Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret

There are two things I love on this version of the tie-up stiletto: the way it laces and the tassels. Let’s face it, we are not all ballerinas who have been practicing how to delicately tie ribbons about our ankles since we were ten. If you’ve ever been brave enough to buy a shoe that laces, you know it isn’t the easiest style to pull off.  Because this design has its laces guided through tiny hoops, the wrapping is kept uniform.  In addition, the tassel takes away the risk of it looking like a stripper shoe. At 98 bucks, they are a must buy for spring. I will warn you, however, that Victoria’s Secret is infamous for the “back order” that seems to never come. It may be next spring before the forgotten order arrives… A big BOO for VS– fix this problem already!
Note to those with fat ankles: do not wear these, unless you like your ankles to look like hot dogs.

Haute Hippie

I love the asymmetry and added texture given by all these laces. Pair them with an opposing, loose-fitting silk blouse (and no bra). Dynamite.

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