iPad 2: The Cover Story

Kara Ross Lizard Cover

Holy Chic Shit!  Likely the most luxurious wrapping available for your new iPad 2, this gold-tone lizard case is complete with a gemstone adorned closure.

Sold out in virtually every retailer who carried them for their iPad 1 launch, you’ll have to order this $590 investment from the Kara Ross website, http://www.kararossny.com.  If you do, be warned not to bring it around me.  I might steal the cover and leave you your silly iPad 2. (Photo courtesy of Instyle.com)

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cover

If letters and labels are your thing, you can’t go wrong with the classic LV version.  It sells for around $300, but it’s sure that the less expensive, uber-convincing knock-off will be available on Canal Street in plenty of time to greet your new electronic addition as it arrives home from the Mac-Ursery. (Photo courtesy of LouisVuitton.com)




The Novelty Covers

Oddee.com covered 10 of, what they call, the “Coolest” iPad Covers available.  The list includes toys, Swarovski crystals, animal fat, and the ever-so practical “arm strap.”  But what tops them all is the “hygienic napkin”, which can only be described as an iPad Diaper.  Take a look and see for yourself, I couldn’t make this shit up:   http://www.oddee.com/item_97202.aspx


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