Lord of GLAM

I don’t know what it was about him or exactly how it happened, but I don’t feel like I ever “met” Lord Glam; we just approached each other and immediately decided to be friends.  I’ll be selfish and say that it was a rare cosmic intervention, but I have a feeling he sucks people in with his magnetism on a daily basis. Who knows? I was on the oh-so-magical fifth avenue, after all, clicking my ruby-bottomed heels together in the midst of the madness that was Fashions Night Out.

A blog about fashion couldn’t be complete without me sharing some of his FIERCE photographs.  He doesn’t have a mere sense for fashion, he is a full-on Diva Entrepreneur!  I mean really: he makes his own shoes, wears as many bow-ties as he damn well pleases, and does it all with this hipster, NYC effortlessness.  He is a force to be reckoned with.  I hear he will be leaving us to drive west into his, no-doubt, celebrity life ahead.  May GLAM and fashion-goodness follow you wherever you are, my darling Darnell!

Ladies and gentlemen, you saw it here FIRST…


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