Fashion aside, let’s get Fit!

So this “blog” was my original stab at blogging which, like everything else, I was only motivated by for like a month.  I figured I would just reopen it and put information about the 4-Hour Body Challenge here.  Ignore the posts from earlier this year 🙂  Maybe I’ll figure out how to reorganize the blog so the fashion part is separate one day, who knows?

In the meantime, feel free to check back here for info about my journey with the 4-Hour Body Challenge 🙂


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Lord of GLAM

I don’t know what it was about him or exactly how it happened, but I don’t feel like I ever “met” Lord Glam; we just approached each other and immediately decided to be friends.  I’ll be selfish and say that it was a rare cosmic intervention, but I have a feeling he sucks people in with his magnetism on a daily basis. Who knows? I was on the oh-so-magical fifth avenue, after all, clicking my ruby-bottomed heels together in the midst of the madness that was Fashions Night Out.

A blog about fashion couldn’t be complete without me sharing some of his FIERCE photographs.  He doesn’t have a mere sense for fashion, he is a full-on Diva Entrepreneur!  I mean really: he makes his own shoes, wears as many bow-ties as he damn well pleases, and does it all with this hipster, NYC effortlessness.  He is a force to be reckoned with.  I hear he will be leaving us to drive west into his, no-doubt, celebrity life ahead.  May GLAM and fashion-goodness follow you wherever you are, my darling Darnell!

Ladies and gentlemen, you saw it here FIRST…

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iPad 2: The Cover Story

Kara Ross Lizard Cover

Holy Chic Shit!  Likely the most luxurious wrapping available for your new iPad 2, this gold-tone lizard case is complete with a gemstone adorned closure.

Sold out in virtually every retailer who carried them for their iPad 1 launch, you’ll have to order this $590 investment from the Kara Ross website,  If you do, be warned not to bring it around me.  I might steal the cover and leave you your silly iPad 2. (Photo courtesy of

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cover

If letters and labels are your thing, you can’t go wrong with the classic LV version.  It sells for around $300, but it’s sure that the less expensive, uber-convincing knock-off will be available on Canal Street in plenty of time to greet your new electronic addition as it arrives home from the Mac-Ursery. (Photo courtesy of




The Novelty Covers covered 10 of, what they call, the “Coolest” iPad Covers available.  The list includes toys, Swarovski crystals, animal fat, and the ever-so practical “arm strap.”  But what tops them all is the “hygienic napkin”, which can only be described as an iPad Diaper.  Take a look and see for yourself, I couldn’t make this shit up:

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Charlie Sheen and John Galliano; Tempers and Fashions FLARE

Drunken mishaps have gotten the best of the likes of Charlie Sheen and John Galliano, lately. While flaring in temper is never in fashion (especially when as disgustingly executed as by these two), flaring of our pants is all the RAGE this spring… Hello 1970’s disco diva-ing, we’ve missed you. As you re-indulge, keep these pointers in mind:

Length is of paramount importance to getting this style right in 2011. These pants will appear truncated if they do not skim the floor. Choose your footwear according to how much extra length the pant has allowed at its hem. These pants will look just as groovy with a flat, strappy sandal as with a towering platform.

Alessandra Ambrosio in a flared, floor-skimming jean as photographed by

A Word on Waist
Do not make me pull your pants up. Or watch you pick your wedgie, please. Rather than trying to eye your own ass, try closing your eyes and asking yourself, “how does this feel?” Chances are, if it is uncomfortable it is either riding high, or riding low. If you are a true petite (meaning your legs and body are on the shorter side) you will want to shop a line that carries petite sizes. This will help you avoid getting, what I call, “long ass.”

Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare Jean

Don’t Press Print

In order to look modern and not out-dated, stay away from flares with print. Change things up by choosing linen or a textured fabric instead. Large, flowered print is simply too far-out.

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A Drop into the FIT Museum

Today I arrived an hour early for a meeting in Chelsea (first time for everything), so I decided to fill my spare time by taking a walk through the FIT Museum for Fashion.  I’ve included some of the fabulous pieces that were on display in each of the exhibits…

Issey Miyake Red Plastic Bustier

This thing is amazing.  I want one in every color of the rainbow.  Part of the Japanese Exhibit, this piece has an almost cartoonish, superhero feel to it.  Like I might actually morph into Wonder Woman herself if I were to put it on.  The piece was made in 1983 and truly invokes the fit-body ideal that the decade introduced.  Eric Prydz Call on Me video anyone?

Noritaka Tetehana Platform Boot

This isn’t the exact piece that is on display, but it is quite similar in nature.  I just want to try to walk in one of these bad boys!  I’m thinking something similar needs to make its way into my wardrobe this year… maybe the Alexander McQueen team will fulfill my need for teetering in a heel-less, sky-high bootie- Pretty Please?

Moschino Brassiere Evening Dress 1988

This was from the His and Hers Exhibit, and is a stand out as the best piece in the collection.  The ultimate LBD: a dress with its skirt made completely of dangling brassieres: Genius!  I think I may have to re-create this in the near future, but I will likely use 20 of my old La Perla bras I no longer wear in a multitude of different colors– wouldn’t that be amazing?  It will be like a carnival of c-cups…  I can’t wait!  To be continued…


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Bag Be-Mine

While I was without a real Valentine this year (we have all had that go-to ex we can’t help ourselves with), I wouldn’t leave February without having something to love.  Just two days left in my deadline, I ran across this FAB-U-LOUS handbag at a street fair.  I must admit, while I can spot a fine piece of Italian Fashion from a mile away, I wasn’t familiar with this bag.  Throwing caution and a few dead presidents to the wind, I swiped this piece of art and ran home to google its quality.  Turns out, its extremely rare and has sold on auctions for several thousand dollars!  I can’t wait to pair it with riding boots and a ruffled D&G blouse for an Equestrian look perfect for Fall.  In the meantime, I’m going to put it to work alongside soft layers of Dior ruffles and cowboy boots- Yee-haw!

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Tie Me Up, Please

Nothing gets a man going more than a subtle, lace-up detail. And not that fashion is measured by what men think about it, but well… it is more fun when you’re wearing something that even a man can’t help but notice and/or comment upon.

It’s the ultimate tease: whether it be a boot, a neckline, or down the back of your pants, a lace-up detail says, “I’m dressed, but I’m just a pull away from being disrobed.” Sneaky, sneaky scandal. Here are a few of my favorite lace-up items for Spring. Go on, ladies. Be the wrapped package beneath these ribbons, laces, and strings.


First, lets just talk about the obvious: this fucking boot will find its way into my closet, if I have to promise my future first-born for it. The Pucci Spring 2011 Runway was all-wraps from loosely laced plunging necklines to these epic boots tightly wrapped all the way up to the heavens. I haven’t wanted a boot so bad since Tommy Hilfiger gave us that fabulous duck boot last Fall. (Which is mine oh mine, by the way. I had them reserved in four different names.)

Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret

There are two things I love on this version of the tie-up stiletto: the way it laces and the tassels. Let’s face it, we are not all ballerinas who have been practicing how to delicately tie ribbons about our ankles since we were ten. If you’ve ever been brave enough to buy a shoe that laces, you know it isn’t the easiest style to pull off.  Because this design has its laces guided through tiny hoops, the wrapping is kept uniform.  In addition, the tassel takes away the risk of it looking like a stripper shoe. At 98 bucks, they are a must buy for spring. I will warn you, however, that Victoria’s Secret is infamous for the “back order” that seems to never come. It may be next spring before the forgotten order arrives… A big BOO for VS– fix this problem already!
Note to those with fat ankles: do not wear these, unless you like your ankles to look like hot dogs.

Haute Hippie

I love the asymmetry and added texture given by all these laces. Pair them with an opposing, loose-fitting silk blouse (and no bra). Dynamite.

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Herve Leger Spring 2011- Pass or Fail?

    I’m normally not one to not be unsure about something in the Fashion World, but Herve Leger is something I’m currently struggling with.  On the one hand, I feel like the bandage dress has had its time in the sun and doesn’t turn heads like it used to.  On the other hand, I respect the way the line stays true to what its known for, while branching out into new directions with full, angular skirts and uber-slimming bando-leggings.  The real question I have to ask myself is, would I buy it?  Would you?

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Welcome to theWeave: a blog about all things woven, by a girl who has been a “Weaver” all her life (…well, almost)

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